Evil with Cast Leg - The blackmail (SCL) (1782 Views)


Do you know you idiot what I hold here in my hands? Yes that is the letter of the insurance! Of course I showed you! You little cocksucker, gave your full name and address everywhere. Now I have you in my hand. You thought the few bills you gave me solve your problem? No, it starts now! I have you in my hand. If you do not pay, I destroy everything that is important to you! Your family, your job, your life! And if it is not enough to satisfy me, I send you on the road so you can earn money with your ass for me. Yes, Ill let you bleed and even if you die, its not over! Then I sell your organs! Bit by bit you little cock whore.

Duration: 10:57 Min.
Price: 9.95 EUR


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